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Massage Therapists

At MPHC, our entire staff is dedicated to making each and every visit to our facility the best experience possible. Not only do we provide friendly, helpful service, we are also home to some of the most accomplished massage therapists in the city! Have a stressful day at work? Make an appointment with one of our licensed massage therapists and relax as they work out the kinks of the busy city life.
Not sure who to go with? Below, you will find the personal bios of our massage therapists.
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Massage Therapist & Massage Supervisor


Kristin is a 1999 graduate of The Swedish Institute. Her specialty is a therapeutic, deep tissue, full-body massage using a variety of techniques from Swedish to myofascial with shiatsu elements & more. Continuing Ed. courses in medical massage have given her the ability to provide focused TMJ work and to include areas that are often overlooked, such as scalenes, SCM, pectoralis muscles & the abdomen. Kristin studied postural corrective techniques with Howard Mermelstein and is certified in pre & post natal massage. While working for 3 years at one of New York’s Elite 5-Star Spas, Kristin received advanced training in luxury spa techniques which she likes to incorporate into her sessions. She also gained 3 valuable years of oncology massage experience working at NYU’s Perlmutter Cancer Center and understands protocols for survivors in recovery.

Kristin is also certified in Rising Star, an energetic healing system similar to Reiki, that channels energy through the chakras. You may request a Rising Star for the last 10 minutes of any session at no additional charge.
Her background as an actor has taught her to take direction, so Kristin brings this to her work, tailoring sessions to your request. You may leave feeling relaxed, like a wet noodle, or lengthened and rejuvenated.

Many of Kristin’s clients have discovered that regular massage (even once monthly) can be a wonderful aid to relax the mind and encourage balance in the body.


◄ Medical massage
◄ Therapeutic
◄ Swedish
◄ Myofascial
◄ Shiatsu
◄ Pre & post natal massage
◄ Postural corrective techniques

Licensed Massage Therapist


With the busy New Yorker in mind, my goal is to assist you with transforming stress-induced tension and improving your flexibility and circulation through the use of cross-cultural massage and breathing techniques.  As an intuitive empath, my focus has become treating the body in close correlation to how it’s affected by mindset, depression, auto-immune disease and chronically repetitive linear movements.  Our session will never be limited to one style of massage, making your treatment more than just a temporary fix, but an absolute necessity to your overall well-being.

Born into a military family, I have always been disciplined as well as athletic.  In school I loved sports and excelled at cross-country running.  I also had a love of theater while being on the dance team for 3 years in high school.  In 2007, I became a personal trainer which led to an interest in holistic health and Chinese medicine, so I attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for a  massage degree in 2010.  I followed that up with a degree in Advanced Personal Training from The Swedish Institute in 2012.

◄ SWEDISH (for relaxation and circulation)

◄ SPORTS (for maintenance and injury recovery)

◄ DEEP TISSUE and TRIGGER POINT (for tension release)

◄ MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (to lengthen tissues)





Massage Therapist


A massage therapist and body-worker since 1995, Sebastian is a graduate of Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy & Allied Health Institute as well as The Ohashiatsu Institute.

Therapeutic sessions may adapt and integrate Swedish massage techniques & Shiatsu (a century old Japanese tradition – literally translating to “finger pressure”) and the breathing, stretching, active and passive movements of Vital Movement Postures to relieve and correct body imbalances, stimulate the body’s inherent powers of recuperation, and restore and enhance well-being. Techniques may include deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point, shiatsu, sports & medical massage.

Practicing martial arts since 1984; Rank in Okinawan Goju Ryu, American Goju, and Shotokan Systems and a student of Hsing Yi and Tai Chi Chuan. In 1993, Sebastian began teachingTai Chi Chuan at the New York Health and Racquet Clubs, and he has taught Hatha Yoga and martial arts at New York University’s Coles Athletic Center since 1990. Sebastian completed Astanga Yoga teacher training with Manju Jois in 2002 and Teen Yoga teacher training with Karma Kids Yoga in 2015.


◄ Swedish massage
◄ Shiatsu
◄ Deep tissue
◄ Myofascial
◄ Trigger point
◄ Sports
◄ Medical massage

Massage Therapist


Hello, you can call me Guillermo or William. I am fluent in Spanish as well as English. Massage therapy is  not my job or hobby, it’s my passion. I love to help people out with their stressed bodies by relaxing them and undoing their “knots” or adhesions. My specialty is deep tissue. I love working on tight muscles and loosening my clients up. I’m also good at Swedish massage, basic reflexology and some thai massage. I usually combine all of these modalities into my massage so not only you can feel relaxed, but you can also feel flexible and ready to tackle the world.
Besides massage therapy I enjoy playing the drums. People can tell by the way I use my tapotement techniques. My rhythm and flow during a massage is enhanced by my drumming skills. I can keep a steady pace or a fast rhythmic pace depending on the client’s energy and comfort.

          My goal down the road is to become a chiropractor and not only help my clients feel relaxed but to also help with alignment and posture.


Hola, me puedes llamar Guillermo o Wiliam. Hablo muy bien Español así como Ingles. Terapia de masaje no es mi trabajo o pasatiempo, es mi pasión. Me gusta ayudar a la gente con su cuerpo estresados para relajarlos i deshacer sus nudos a adherencias. Mi especialidad es en el tejido profundo. Me encanta trabajar en músculos tensos i aflojarlos. También soy bueno en Reflexología, masaje Sueco y algo de masaje Tailandés. Yo suelo combinar todas estas modalidades en mi masaje así que no solamente puede sentirse relajado, pero también puede sentirse flexible y listo para enfrentar al mundo.
            Aparte de la terapia de masaje a mi me gusta tocar los tambores, la gente puede decir por el modo que yo uso mis técnicas tapotement. El flujo de mi ritmo durante un masaje se ve reforzado por mis habilidades de percusión. Puedo mantener un ritmo constante o un ritmo rápido dependiendo de la energía del cliente i comodidad.

Mi objetivo es llegar a ser un Quiropráctico y no solo ayudar a mis clientes a sentirse relajados, también ayudarlos con la alineación i la postura.

◄ Deep Tissue
◄ Swedish
◄ Reflexology
◄ Thai

Massage Therapist


Tym has an artistic and athletic approach to massage. He holds a BFA from NYU-Tisch School of the Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography and an Associates Degree in Occupational Health from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. He’s been a theater and dance teaching artist for Alvin Ailey Arts in Education since 2007. As a professional dancer, Tym understands how to manipulate the body and locate the source of discomfort and muscle soreness. And with his dance background, he seamlessly moves through the major muscle groups with a legato technique.

Tym’s sessions relieve tension, improve circulation and increase relaxation.


◄ Swedish
◄ Deep Tissue
◄ Sports massage
◄ Shiatsu
◄ Thai massage
◄ Reflexology
◄ Trigger point
◄ Myofascial release techniques

Licenced Massage Therapist

Nigel Hunt, LMT

Nigel attended Queensborough Community College in Bayside Queens and has been practicing massage since 2003. He is a seven (7) time New York Marathon finisher and one time Boston Marathon finisher.  As a competitive athlete, Nigel’s main goal is to be the best at whatever he does.

In his work, Nigel is concerned with the whole person and not just the symptoms. He also has knowledge of fitness training via weight training, body weight training, meditation and breathing for stress reduction. His massage modalities include:


◄ SWEDISH (for relaxation and circulation)

◄ SPORTS (for range of motion and flexibility)

◄ DEEP TISSUE and TRIGGER POINT (for tension release)

◄ MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (to lengthen tissues)



Massage Therapist


I extend my warm greetings to the members and staff of MPHC!

Please allow me to introduce myself and the wellness services I provide to a wide range of clients. I am a licensed massage therapist in New York State with 20 years of experience in private practice, spa, gym and hotel settings.Depending on your needs and preferences on any given day, I will incorporate a single modality or a combination of the following in our work together:

The intent of my sessions is to support your wellness and health.


◄ SWEDISH (for relaxation and circulation)
◄ SPORTS (for maintenance and injury recovery)
◄ DEEP TISSUE and TRIGGER POINT (for tension release)
◄ MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (to lengthen tissues)
◄ REFLEXOLOGY (to stimulate healing zones on the feet and hands)
◄ PRE and POST NATAL (to nurture maternal health and well-being)
◄ CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (for subtle release of held energetic patterns)
◄ SHIATSU (Japanese acupressure to enhance flow of life energy)
◄ REIKI (to channel healing energies)

I treat clients with respect and professionalism and look forward to working with you soon!

*LMT-Licensed Massage Therapist, RCST-Registered Craniosacral Therapist
ARCB-American Reflexology Certification Board

Massage Therapist


Trish can offer a gentle touch to quiet the mind, create a feeling of calmness and relieve muscle tension due to repetitive injuries, inactivity or the rigors we impose with daily life.
A graduate of the Swedish Institute School of Massage Therapy, Trish trained in myofascial, trigger point, shiatsu, sports massage, Swedish, reflexology and PNF techniques.

Trish has gained an appreciation of the human body and its need for healing through her twenty years of experience as a professional dancer. With this knowledge, she will bring equilibrium back into your life and allow you to perform at optimum levels.

Her clients include cancer patients, marathon runners, Radio City Rockettes, B-way musicians / performers and countless others. She is a proud member of SAG, AFTRA, AEA, and AMTA. Trish believes by touching the body, we touch every event it has experienced. For a few brief moments we hold all of a client’s stories in our hands.


◄ Myofascial
◄ Trigger Point
◄ Shiatsu
◄ Sports massage
◄ Swedish
◄ Reflexology
◄ PNF Techniques

Massage Therapist


Cathy is a nationally certified LMT & a graduate of The Swedish Institute.  She loves doing myofascial, deep tissue and medical massage, and she also holds a certification in Prenatal & Post Partum massage. In addition, Cathy has studied Reflexology Level 1 & some Craniosacral.

Cathy was a serious gymnast in Poland, from ages 7-17, Cathy has an affinity for athletes.

Cathy will evaluate your body’s needs and tailor a massage incorporating various modalities including shiatsu & trigger point, as needed. She may also offer some stretches or specific exercises to help with tension or imbalances. Member: AMTA


◄ Myofascial
◄ Deep Tissue
◄ Medical Massage
◄ Prenatal & Post Partum massage
◄ Reflexology
◄ Craniosacral

Massage Therapist


Rasalind has been working at St. Elizabeth Ann’s Health and Rehabilitation Center for the past seven years. She comes to MPHC as a graduate of Queens College with a double major- Business Management and Physical Education. She is also a graduate of the Swedish Institute with an extensive background in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Rasalind received her certification in MotherMassage * in Spring of 2009 for pregnancy, post-partum and labor support massage from Elaine Stillerman.

While working for St. Elizabeth Ann’s as a recreational fitness therapist and massage therapist, Rasalind has had the opportunity to deal with residents who have been inflicted with several different illnesses, such as stroke, traumatic brain injuries, arthritis etc.

Rasalind feels rewarded to make a difference in their lives, helping them to increase or maintain range of motion and feel more comfortable, both mentally and physically through therapeutic touch.


◄ Deep Tissue Massage
◄ Sports Massage with PNF stretching
◄ Swedish Massage

Massage Therapist


Able to incorporate various massage treatments like Swedish, Acupressure, Reflexology and so on to achieve the best results for a wide range of issues from post injury and surgery rehabilitation to chronic conditions.

Konstantin is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic massage and educating on overall health and wellness, as well as establishing and maintaining excellent client relationships.


◄ Traditional Swedish Massage
◄ Therapeutic Massage
◄ Deep Tissue Massage
◄ Tui Na Massage
◄ Neuromuscular Function
◄ Stretching Techniques
◄ Western & Eastern Approaches
◄ Traditional Chinese Medecine
◄ Substances, Organs, Channels
◄ Disorders & Diseases
◄ Injury/Surgery rehabilitation
◄ Chronic & Mental conditions