Manhattan Plaza Health Club, 482 West 43rd St., NYC, NY 10036


Broadway Jazz

Workout, sweat and strengthen your body while dancing and learning jazz dance techniques.

Beginner Jazz

A fun and energetic class that will have you dancing from pop, to latin, to r&b ballads. Learn the basics of Jazz and Modern Dance, work on proper alignment, and get a great cardio workout. Open to all levels.


Cardio Zumba

A cardio class in dance form designed to give you a calorie burning workout while having fun doing it. All levels welcome.

The Moves

Core To The Floor

From Zumba to show tunes come test your foot work and endurance!  This workout is both challenging and at a pace perfect for the older adult.

Dance and Tone

Based on different dancing styles like Afro and Latin dance. This total body workout presents a great mix of cardio and weight training that will give you energy to keep up with your day.

Senior Sweat

From Zumba to show tunes come test your foot work and endurance!  This workout is both challenging and at a pace perfect for the older adult.

Keep It Moving

Through the use of functional movements that have been fully considered and perfected for the active older adult—this class will reinforce and open new pathways for you on your fitness journey. Incorporating, bands/med balls/body bars and more, the challenge is yours to take!

Alexander Technique

This class improves alignment, releases muscle tension, deepens breathing and enhances mental focus. The last class of every month will be held in the Club Conference Room.

T'ai Chi Form

T’ai Chi

“… a Chinese art with a history dating back thousands of years.

The movements are graceful, the tempo is slow and the benefits are great. It is the only form of exercise, in which a person should not use outward strength or force in their movements. Improvement depends not on outer strength, but inner awareness.

It embodies a philosophy that not only promotes health but can also be applied to every aspect of daily life…”

Boxing: HIIT Me

Fun and fast paced High Intensity Interval Training. Equal parts cardio, core and stability training combined with fundamental boxing drills. Exercises that include Sparring, Partner drills, Pad work and Shadow boxing will be the key to improving confidence for a better overall you!

Core Strenght Fusion classes

Core/Strength Fusion

This Pilates based core class utilizes various resistance equipment to offer a challenging class that will sculpt and strengthen the body.

TRX Shred

TRX Bootcamp

An intense 45 minute class for all levels combining TRX and a mix of cardio and weights to give you a solid well rounded functional workout.

Training Camp

TRX Body Sculpt

A core-powered, complete body-sculpting workout using TRX® Suspension Training. Expect a total body workout centered on core strength and relying mostly on your body weight. The goal is a strong, solid, fit body.

TRX Metcon

Metabolic Conditioning on the TRX. You will torch fat in this fun and challenging class combining cardio and metabolic conditioning; your own body weight, TRX and cardio to shape your entire body.

Pump Body Sculpt

This is a total body sculpting class designed to strengthen and define muscles using dumbbells and body bars.

Bosu Burn

Incorporates strength, cardio and balance into an amazing workout.  Usage of the versatility of the Bosu ball to engage your muscles and core, accompanied by weights and HIIT training.

Power Rush

Feel the rush as you power through this high intensity interval training class.  All muscle groups will be worked as you switch between cardio drills and resistance exercises. Finish with a challenging core sequence that will test your mental and physical strength. All levels welcome.

Total BONDY Workout

This a full body workout that aims to put your mind, body and soul to work at once. With focus on High Intensity Training and circuits, this class will challenge you physically and mentally. Get ready to work hard, sweat hard and have fun while doing it.

City Cycle

Cycling: Spin Cycle

Get ready for spin heaven with a rhythm based ride that gets your entire body involved. Incorporating weights, choreography and a wide variety of music, you’ll leave Matthew’s class dripping with sweat and feeling more energized than you did before you walked in.

Cycling: Power Ride

An interval based spin class designed to improve cardiovascular strength and blast fat with each hill you climb.

Straight Up Spin

A 45-minute indoor cycling class focusing on endurance, strength and high interval sprints: all while riding to the rhythm of the top pop songs.

Road Riders

Cycling: Interval

This spin class specializes in diversifying terrains to help challenge your cycling skills. Be ready for a new adventure each class.

Run Lab

This is a 45-minute interval treadmill class geared towards all levels of runners and walkers! In this class we will focus on speed, strength and distance training. Regardless of your running ability, you will raise your heart rate, break a sweat and have a blast! Class will conclude with a five minute ab-round and cool down stretch that will help you leave energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Pilates/TRX Fusion

With an emphasis on core strength, alignment, breath and range of motion, this class combines classic Pilates exercises with a core-powered, complete body sculpting workout using TRX®.Suspension Training. The goal is a strong, solid, fit body.

Pilates: Ring

This is a classical Mat class based on the exercise created by Joseph H. Pilates. With an emphasis on core strength, alignment, breath and range of motion. Strengthen/stretch the body utilizing the ring and work deeper pelvic floor muscles.

Pilates: Foam Roller

Ever wonder what to do with a foam roller?  An improvisational combination of fascia release technique, classic Pilates choreography and always a little something extra. The music is good too.

Pilates: Mat

This is a classical Mat class based on the exercise created by Joseph H. Pilates. With an emphasis on core strength, alignment, breath and range of motion. Open to all levels.

Living Flow Yoga

Living Flow Yoga

Living Yoga Flow is vinyasa based. This class both mirrors and challenges one’s life on a daily basis. The practice consists of disciplining the mind and breathing on purpose, while physically moving. You leave refreshed  and accomplished, with  a clearer mind,  and a overall  sense of well – being.

Yoga: Hot Alignment

This all-levels class takes you to the next level, focusing on the details of alignment and the usage of breath to create heat from the inside out. Learn how to minimize injuries and maximize body awareness and power.

Yoga Stretch

Unblock your energy with gentle yoga stretching. Breathe into new levels of awareness!

Hatha Yoga

This ancient technique uses posture and breath to increase energy and reduce stress.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Yoga props support your body, allowing you to relax your mind, body, ad spirit. Rest your way back to good health.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Connect breath with movement, engage in moving mediation and flow in and out of yoga postures. The practice builds strength and flexibility in body, mind, and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga

A high intensity full body, mind, and soul workout. Sweat, detox, strengthen your core, rebalance your chakras, and go deep with your meditation. Rejuvenate your being, so that you can handle whatever life might throw your way.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a form of mental fitness. A mindfulness meditation class is a
wonderful outlet that will allow participants to learn and access techniques that will help them to
attain better focus, clarity, relaxation, and joy.

Super Stretch

Combine the elements of Yoga, Dance and short stretches to increase mobility and flexibility. Open to all levels.