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exercise classes
  • World Dance *NEW*

    A dance class designed to explore dance movements from around the world. Every week we will learn a new style and discover new music. Class begins with stretching and warm up before we continue onto choreography and technique. This is an all levels class.

  • Rhythm Ride

    Let the music motivate you through this fast pace, high intensity, interval ride. Using various courses to achieve strength, speed and endurance while listening to your favorite hits.

  • Ignite Cycle

    This 45-minute ride will ignite your week with challenging intervals, Top 40 hits, and an awesome sweat. This ride will leave you fired up!

  • Cardio Rumble

    Prepare to sweat and work your core to the maximum in this energizing workout which combines boxing techniques and calisthenics to get you going in the morning! You will perform high intensity boxing combos that are safely and effectively taught at all fitness levels.

  • Body War

    is a high intensity total body tackle of perpetual movement. This course combines principles of high intensity interval training, cross training, and body sculpting. All levels are welcome. The only requirement is to give your best effort!

  • HIIT Hustle

    a high intensity interval training class that will keep you moving through various stations to give you a complete total body workout. Partner up and hustle through each station done to timed intervals that will work each muscle group utilizing bosu balls, TRX bands, free weights and body weighted exercises to keep your body guessing and the time flying! This class will build power, strength, endurance and burn those calories away! All levels welcome, modifications will be provided to keep everyone moving and safe!

  • Conquer * New begins 5/2*

    A full body, heart pumping, strength and endurance conditioning class. This high intensity interval-based class combines full body strength training with high intensity cardio burst designed to tone your body, improve your strength and endurance and eliminate all self doubt. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.

  • Combat Fighting

    Utilize upper body, lower body and core movements while learning the concepts, principles and physical application of combat. Increase your endurance and stamina while using weights, gloves and pads-all to the sounds of today’s hottest hits.

  • The Art of Motion

    Auditions up ahead or just want to learn how to move with skill & technique? This beginner/intermediate class will help you master the art of dancing. Starting off with slow with breathing oriented warmup followed by across the floor exercises, test your memory at the end of class with a riveting contemporary dance combo!

  • Trigger

    This full body high intensity workout will “trigger” your mind and body to work together to execute a workout like never before. A combination of body weight exercises, core stabilization and utilization of a variety of equipment will “trigger” the adaptations your body needs! The instructor uses a variety of commands to improve your reaction times and have your body functioning at its highest potential.

  • Breathing Extension

    The class will focus on breathing, tension release techniques and concentration skills, while practicing deep stretching, toning and body alignment.

  • Cuttin’ Up

    Challenge every muscle in this total body strength training class that incorporates a variety of equipment or body weight. Feel the burn as you flow from movement to movement. Get the results you want! Improve muscle tone, posture, balance and strength.

  • Fight Team

    Join the FIGHT TEAM! Learn how to properly execute kickboxing combinations while simultaneously achieving a full body strength & conditioning workout.

  • Energy

    Busy week? Catch up to your workout with this fast moving, hard hitting class that will jump start your weekend ahead. This class combines strengthening and cardio crazy intervals that will leave you feeling the burn and dripping with sweat.

  • Burn

    Get ready for a cardio-focused, fat burning workout that will get your heart pumping as you move your body to a mixture of EDM, Pop, Old and New school Hip-Hop and a pinch of musical theatre. This class utilizes dumbbells, resistance bands, Bosu balls in various ways ranging from low to moderate intensity that will keep your mind and body guessing as you BURN fat!

  • Vicious Cycle (SS)*

    A class designed to push your limits, this 45 minute ride is loaded with interval training, strength building hills, fat burning endurance blasts and power sprints. We ride the rhythm and race the beat!

  • Pure Pilates*

    This is a classical Mat class based on the exercise created by Joseph H. Pilates. With an emphasis on core strength, alignment, breath and range of motion. This class will improve overall muscle tone and leave you feeling longer and stronger. Open to all levels.

  • Energy Ride

    Energy ride is an fast-paced, heart-pumping workout where you will move your body to the hottest tracks in pop, EDM, R&B, hip-hop and more. Push, sprint, climb and jump to the beat in this high-intensity ride!

  • Cardio Dance Zumba *NEW* begins 9/13

    Be prepared to sweat in this full body session. Work it out to your classic Zumba sounds and steps while also dancing along to today’s hits. With heavy elements of jazz/street funk/African/Bollywood along side traditional Spanish flare, you’ll be sure to get high energy and nonstop heart pumping movement!

  • Party Bash Ride

    Every ride is a party. Let the beat of the music invigorate your inner soul . This high energy ride includes various sprints , hills and jumps . You won’t even realize you’re on a bike !

  • TRX Body Sculpt *NEW*

    A core-powered, complete body sculpting workout using TRX Suspension Training. Expect a total body workout, centered on core strength, and relying mostly of your body and free weights. The goal is a strong, solid, fit body.

  • POP Cycle (SS)*

    This indoor cycling experience offers multiple stages and drills to maximize your workout while riding to popular music of all genres. All levels welcome.

  • Function Fit *NEW*

    Develop body awareness and tone muscles through functional movement. Move your body through all planes of motion to build flexibility, strength and control. Perfect beginners as well as the seasoned athlete.

  • Power and Stability *NEW*

    A class designed to increase strength, metabolism and endurance by incorporating; calisthenics, plyometrics and circuit based training. Exercise mechanics are broken down to improve athletic performance and ensure safety. Through teamwork and group motivation we aim to push ourselves to be the best that we can be.

  • Mash “It” Up (SS)* NEW

    Spinning with life, soul and spirit. Let’s get sexy on our bikes with some Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Basement, Latin, Reggaeton, Bachata, Mumba style songs. Everyday is carnival day in these classes. Come feel the heat!!!

  • Throw Back Thursdays (SS)*

    Come ride with us on Thursdays as we throw it back with a different theme and fun playlist every week!

  • Zumba Get Down

    Step it up and step it out to beats and moves that get you going. Full of high energy and flavor, you’ll be sure to heat up the room and your body!

  • Rhythm Ride (SS)* NEW

    A head-boopin’ booty-poppin’ sweat pourin’ spirits soarin’ 45 minutes of hills, drills and everything in between…all to the beat of the music!

  • T’ai Chi as a Martial Art

    The movements are graceful, the tempo is slow and the benefits are great. It is the only form of exercise and defense in which a person should not use outward strength or force in their movements.

  • Bosu Burn

    Incorporates strength, cardio and balance into an amazing workout. Usage of the versatility of the Bosu ball to engage your muscles and core, accompanied by weights and HIIT training.

  • Club Night *NEW*

    A fun aerobic dance session that allows you to shake what your mama gave ya. Reggae, 90’s pop music and current mainstream hits followed by choreography set to different styles of dance; preparing you for your night out.

  • Core to the Floor

    For the mature body, Core work is vital to overall strength and balance. Using the ballet bar, Bosu, gliders, weights or TRX, this class is easy on the joints but will challenge muscles you forgot or never knew you had; and it’s never the same twice.

  • Zumba Bailamos

    Mind-bending, calorie torching choreography to the Rhythms of Latin America, House music and old school aerobics. If you like to DANCE, this Zumba is for you. Expect between 6-7 thousand steps!

  • Pilates based Foam Roller

    Ever wonder what to do with that foam roller? Join Raven for an improvisational combination of fascia release technique, classic Pilates choreography and always a little something extra. The music is good too.

  • Senior Sweat

    From Zumba to show tunes, come test your foot work and endurance! This workout is both challenging and at a pace perfect for the older adult or anyone who’d like to move a little slower, but MOVE.

  • Flamenco Fitness

    A system of exercise especially designed to tone, straighten and sculpt your body. This workout is inspired by flamenco, ballet and pilates. It will help you to burn extra calories and strengthen your posture.

  • Pure Strength

    Develop strength & endurance as you build lean muscle through the use of dumbbells, your own body weight, cardio bursts and TRX. All levels welcome.

  • Bare Body Boot Camp

    This fusion of body weight, resistance bands and dumb bells exercises is sure to get you ready to Bare Your Body with grace and strength. Energizing music pushing you through each circuit as you burn calories sweating with a smile. Designed for all ages and levels.

  • Like a Champ

    Like a Champ is a high intensity class, designed to have participants learn sound boxing and kickboxing technique. This class will consist of striking combinations, interval training and close combat moves. All set to energizing music and supportive instruction, you’ll leave feeling “Like a Champ” and wanting to come back for more!

  • Abs & Stretch

    Yoga based stretching class with alternating abs exercises to strengthen core.

  • Alexander Technique

    Improves alignment, releases muscular tension, deepens breathing and enhances mental focus. The last class of every month will be held in the Club Conference Room.

  • Barre Contrology

    A full body workout that will strengthen, mobilize and stretch your body. The class will begin with Pilates Mat to warm up your muscles and prepare you for Barre. The second half of the class will be dedicated to barre movements such as pliés, tendues, jettés all set to piano music. You will build body awareness and a strong body-mind connection.

  • Broadway Jazz

    Workout, sweat and strengthen your body while dancing and learning jazz dance techniques.

  • Cardio Crush

    A challenging interval class, sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This workout combines total body conditioning with intense cardio for maximum fat and calorie burn. High-energy interval training combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. This is a fun and interesting way to sculpt the body and work your heart!

  • City Cycle

    Street riding is dynamic and fierce, especially in NYC. This session harnesses all the energy of New York road-riding for a thrill-filled, high-intensity workout – without all the risk. We won’t be stopping at any red lights, so hop on!

  • Combat Boxing

    A mixture of cardio kickboxing, combat/partner boxing and hardcore abs. Not only will you be working out and getting fit but, you’ll also learn how to defend and protect yourselves.

  • Core/Strength Fusion

    A combination of balance, strength, flexibility and Pilates based mat exercises.

  • Groovy Theater Jazz

    A jazz class that combines variety of dance styles. With a flair of musical theater, this class is full of stylish movements and sassy vibes! Class starts with the warm-up that consists of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. This is then followed by a fun and energetic dance combination.

  • Hatha Yoga

    This ancient technique uses posture and breath to increase energy and reduce stress.

  • Hot Alignment

    This all-levels class takes you to the next level, focusing on the details of alignment and the usage of breath. Learn how to minimize injuries, maximize body awareness and power. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment and confidence all around.

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