Attention: Spinning Class attendance is on a first-come, first-serve basis, as there are only a limited number of exercise bikes.

Abs & Stretch
Yoga based stretching class with alternating abs exercises to strengthen core.

Alexander Technique
Improves alignment, releases muscular tension, deepens breathing and enhances mental focus. The last class of every month will be held in the Club Conference Room. The last class of every month will be held in the Club Conference Room.

Barre Contrology
A full body workout that will strengthen, mobilize and stretch your body. The class will begin with Pilates Mat to warm up your muscles and prepare you for Barre. The second half of the class will be dedicated to barre movements such as pliés, tendues, jettés all set to piano music. You will build body awareness and a strong body-mind connection.

Broadway Jazz
Workout, sweat and strengthen your body while dancing and learning jazz dance techniques.

Cardio Crush
A challenging interval class, sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This workout combines total body conditioning with intense cardio for maximum fat and calorie burn. High-energy interval training combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. This is a fun and interesting way to sculpt the body and work your heart!

City Cycle
Street riding is dynamic and fierce, especially in NYC. This session harnesses all the energy of New York road-riding for a thrill-filled, high-intensity workout – without all the risk. We won’t be stopping at any red lights, so hop on!

Combat Boxing
A  mixture of cardio kickboxing, combat/partner boxing and hardcore abs. Not only will you be working out and getting fit but, you’ll also learn how to defend and protect yourselves.

Core/Strength Fusion
A combination of balance, strength, flexibility and Pilates based mat exercises.

Dance Body
A dance conditioning and stretch class designed to sculpt and create your ideal physique.
Combining elements of Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training and Cardio.
A fun and effective workout for all levels that will make you strong, fit, and feel great!

Flex & Stretch
This class offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Walk out of this class standing tall!

Funky Aerobics
A moderate intensity aerobics class set to soulful dance music. Improves cardiovascular endurance.

Hatha Yoga
This ancient technique uses posture and breath to increase energy and reduce stress.

Hot Alignment
Yoga is a transformational and enlightening experience that can be practiced by anyone. This all-levels class uses one’s breath to generate HEAT in the body creating increased flexibility which in turn enhances alignment. The results produced include; confidence, clarity, grace and an awareness that extends far beyond the yoga class.

Interval Burn
A high intensity class involving interval training for a full body workout including circuit training, sculpting, cardio and use of various equipment set to pumping music!

Interval Cycle
A high-energy, 45 minute class taught in intervals with great music mixes that keep you moving. In this fun and effective class you can burn more calories than with any other form of cardio workout. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, as you can take the class at your own pace. You control your own resistance and speed allowing you to continuously progress towards your fitness goals in a group session full of motivation and sweat!!

Interval Spin
A high intensity indoor cycling class to help build endurance and strength using interval training techniques.

Living Yoga Flow
EXPAND, strengthen and flow as you discover WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS BETWEEN PRACTICING YOGA AND LIVING YOUR LIFE! The results produced are a balance and equalization of both strength and flexibility, a renewed sense of self, a clarity and peace of mind, a strong sense of accomplishment and an overall state of well-being!

MMA Unleashed
Start your mornings and end your nights with a kick-butt MMA workout! Improve your cardio, build strength, confidence and flexibility, all while having fun! Learn how to kick, punch and defend yourself using a mix of Martial Arts, Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and Jujitsu moves. Everyone can do it!

Pilates Body Work
This class applies the Joe Pilates “Contrology” methods to various small apparatuses (foam roller, ball, dumbbells, Bender Ball, Bosu, Magic Circle and more) to expand upon the classical repertoire, so you’ll never know what to expect.  It’s never the same class twice.

Pilates Ring
This is a workout that strengthens and stretches the body utilizing the ring.  The ring also helps to work deeper pelvic floors muscles.

Power 7′s
A high-intensity interval training class utilizing sequences of 7 one-minute intervals. This challenging workout is designed to keep heart rate up, burn calories, strengthen muscles, improve balance, coordination and core.

Power FLOW Yoga
A joyous, dynamic 75 minute Vinyasa Flow with a focus on deep connection to breath. Balance your body by strengthening, stretching, twisting, folding and flowing with lots of variations to allow your body to melt open gradually. Balance your mind with breathing techniques and meditation through movement. Open to all levels, come prepared to breathe, sweat and smile.

Power Rush
Feel the rush as you power through this high intensity interval training class. All muscle groups will be worked as you switch between cardio drills and resistance exercises. The class will finish with a challenging core sequence that will test your mental and physical strength. Come discover the power within yourself. All levels are welcome.

This is a total body sculpting class designed to strengthen and define muscles using dumbbells and Body Bars.

Restorative Yoga
Yoga props support your body, allowing you to relax your mind.

Ring of Fire
An up tempo driven class utilizing dumbbelland body weight exercises to challenge your heart rate, cardiovascular endurance and strength. There will be timed circuits, upbeat music, and a highly energetic instructor to keep you motivated. Each week there will be a new challenge for you to jump through and not get burned!

Road Riders
This spin class specializes in diversifying terrains to help challenge your cycling skills. Every time you mount the spin bike, be ready for a new adventure!

Silver Sculpt
A low-impact cardiovascular and strength training class geared for seniors. All levels welcome!

Incorporate visualization in this intense, guided workout on a stationary “Spinning” bike. Must sign up with reception.

An insane spin class that is sure to cause sweat dripping, heart pounding, muscle burning and music blasting FUN!

Strength Awareness
This circuit based class is designedto improve the conscious connection between strength oriented exercises and a deeper state of physical awareness by incorporating meditation, compound body exercises, and plyometrics.

Stretch & Sculpt
A conditioning and stretch class designed to sculpt and create your ideal physique. Combining elements of dance, Pilates, yoga, strength training and cardio this class will focus on core strength and alignment.

Super Spin
Harness the power and energy of a high intensity spin class coupled with a focus on strength, power and endurance using precision intervals and settings tailored to achieve the maximum workout. Lead by certified triathlon coach Anthony Bagnetto, he’ll push you to your limits and further to help you grow you as a cyclist and athlete.

Super Stretch
Combine the elements of yoga, dance & short stretches to increase mobility & flexibility. This class suits all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.

T’ai Chi Basics
This ancient Chinese art form practices slow fluid movements that heighten alertness and relax the body. Steady practice improves balance, increases circulation, strengthens bones, and releases tension.

T’ai Chi Form
A more advanced t’ai chi class focused on learning the Yang Style Long Form. Participants must have at least one year of experience.

Theatre Jazz (Cardio Swing)
A blend of theater dance, jazz, swing & jitterbug choreographed with a cardio base both in contemporary and period styles.

The Moves
Open to all levels, this class isn’t about how well you dance, but how much fun you have learning new moves. Combining Jazz, Funk, Pop and more, The Moves is a fun and challenging class that will help you bring out your inner dancer.

Training Camp
This challenging workout is designed to give you the best cardio and strength training. Motivated upbeat music, you will be challenged like never before! Most importantly, you will burn fat, build muscle, increase strength and rev up your metabolism.

TRX Dance Mashup
A fusion class of high energy dance cardio and TRX full body sculpt blended into an hour of “get it done-fun”!

TRX Shred
This class uses your body weight against gravity using a suspension strap to give you a rewarding total body workout. You will increase your overall core strength, stability and flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
A vigorous style of Yoga which emphasizes the constant dance of breath linked with movement. Engaged in this moving meditation, practitioners will build strength, increase flexibility, receive a great cardio-respiratory workout, and experience cleansing. Be prepared to sweat!

Urban Warrior
A total body workout combining a mix of cardio, weights, and calisthenics geared for everyone of all ages. The format of the class is done with large sets and circuits to get the most out of your workout and challenge your body while taking it to its fullest potential. Expect to tone up, strengthen those muscles, and burn fat warrior style!

Yoga For The Athlete Within
A uniquely designed class for those who want to extend the limits of their bodies, targeted to enhance the movements and skills needed for increased endurance, power, and focus. Safely explore methods to build better strength, balance, flexibility, and mind/body awareness.

Yoga Stretch
Unblock your energy with gentle yoga stretching.

A cardio fitness dance class that features exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin and international beats.

Zumba Party
A cardio fitness class in dance form! It’s cardio format is designed to give you a great source of calorie burning workout while having fun doing it. Zumba will expose you to new moves that will work muscles you never knew you had! All levels welcome