New swim classes will begin on Monday May 5th

MPH Aquatics Classes working out in the pool

Deep-water fitness
Energetic, no-impact body-conditioning class in deep water with equipment provided for maximum resistance. Be ready to work all muscle groups as you will be submerged from the neck down adding a “cardio boost” excellent for cross training.

Baby swim $
For children’s 6 months-3yrs old. Parent involvement required. Toddlers get used to the water by playing games with floating toys and singing songs.

Children’s swim class $
Children 4yrs – 10yrs learn basic water safety including getting in and out of the pool care- fully, treading water and basic stroke technique.

Family swim *
Swim together in the slow/intermediate lane, Shallow and deep-water alcove, reserved for children and parents. All are welcome to participate.

Kid’s swim clinic/Youth program
For children’s 7yrs-13yrs registration required. Two (2) levels; each level meet once a week – Beg/Int & Int/Adv in Fall and Spring only. Summer Camp also available, for registration & fees contact at the Stay Well Center (212) 971 – 0660.

Swim club $
For swimmers that are serious about swimming. Build strength & endurance while getting a vigorous cardiovascular workout through Interval training & long distance swimming from Coach Jim Diapola.  Jim has been coaching at MPHC for over twenty (20) years.  Before joining us at MPHC, Jim coached teams in CA and CT for several years.

43rd St Kids *
Pre-school kids only.

Synchronized Swimming
The artistry of dance with the athleticism of swimming. This unique art form is also an intensive workout. The class is open to swimmers of all levels, but knowledge of the breast-stroke; sidestroke & back/front crawl are required.

Swim Clinic *
Improve stroke technique & endurance swimming. Clinic topics include all strokes, interval training, flip turns & diving. Students must be able to swim 2 laps.

Aqua Pilates *
This program creatively adapts Pilates exercises for the pool. Elongates the entire body with unique conditioning exercises. Build a stronger core by moving from the inside out. Develop strength and flexibility with fluidity and grace. Improve posture and body awareness.

Family Aqua Zumba  *
Join the Party!  It’s Zumba in the pool for the whole family.  Come dance your heart out to the beat of all kinds of music.

High Energy H2O*
A high energy, fun water aerobics class with music to carry you along. Enjoy the benefits of high intensity movement without the impact on your joints. Using water resistance to sculpt your muscles, you will be ripped and ready to go in no time!

Multi Impact H2O *
A Moderate to high level of intensity class for all levels. Work on different muscle groups while strengthening and stretching the entire body.

Adult Beginner’s Swim *
Class meets once a week in the shallow alcove. Students will learn basic water skills, Front/back float, front/back glide, flutter kick, front crawl and elementary back stroke.

Water Exercise Advanced *
Vigorous & uplifting (literally and figuratively!) workout for the serious exerciser requiring relentless & maximum level of energy output. Stamina & over-load of specific muscles will be put to the test. Although the head will be above water, expect to leave breathless! Water aerobics shoes highly recommended.

Water Exercise Moderate *
Class designed to be harmonious with fitness needs of beginners, seniors &/or anyone seeking low-impact class. Uncomplicated exercises promise over body toning, improved balance/posture, & stimulation of circulation.

Scuba Diving *
Classes consist of class and pool sessions completed in as quickly as one weekend or spread out over several weeks. Stop by the Pan Aqua Shop for further information and don’t forget to mention that you are a member of MPHC to receive your discount.

Individualized Swim Program
To obtain lessons, speak with an instructor or call Shawn Ross @ Ext. 312 for further information.

*=Class held in alcove |�$=Fee required |�^=Check for start date |�<=Class in lap lane